Experience for Yourself
Suzumo operations comprise a network throughout Japan, extending from our Tokyo head office and Tokyo Plant (Saitama) to Sapporo, Sendai, Nagano, Hamamatsu, Osaka, Hiroshima and Fukuoka.

In 1989 we have established the Rice Idea Center (RIC) to develop new rice ideas and products for the 21st century and provide our customers total support in all aspects of their business, from help with the basics of opening a restaurant through knowhow about ingredients, market surveys, sales promotion, menu planning, shop layout design and execution, staff training and management consulting services.
Head Office Head Office
Tokyo Plant SIC (USA Office)
All our facilities in Japan are equipped with operational showrooms where customers can see, handle, operate and experience our equipment for themselves. Each is fully equipped to provide fundamental information and technical instruction on washing and cooking rice, as well as with systems for cooked-rice blending, thawing sushi toppings, preparing sushi and making new rice food products.

Customers visit from all over Japan and around the world to operate our machine together with our full-time showroom staff, sample the food and experience the excellent quality of our products.