Message from Our Top Managements
Since our foundation in 1955, we have taken a bold challenge as a food machine manufacturer in the development of man-power saving rice food processing machine which will precisely recreate the hand-made taste technique by the skilled chef with being particular for the traditional taste of rice.

Our development of the world's first Sushi Robot in 1981 has triggered our challenging in the dream of "Spreading Rice Eating Culture to the World. " Since then, we have contributed to the development of food industry from the standpoint of manufacturing side through our introducing a variety of "original rice idea foods" which are created by our varieties of our original equipments and applications. These our efforts have earned us a high reputation and trust as a cutting-edge firm that is developing new food business.Owing to these efforts and our high reputation in the market, our company was listed in JASDAQ in April, 2003.

In order to step up to the next stage for our dream, we, SUZUMO, plan to take aggressive approaches such as to develop new products that have never been introduced to the food market and also develop a new rice food business scheme globally through our these products. It is our SUZUMO's new plan that we become a global rice-related equipment manufacturer that handles varieties of equipment, including sushi and omusubi ( rice ball ) robot, to introduce rice food culture to the world.



Our Profile

Head Office (Tokyo)

Factory (Saitama)
Suzumo Machinery Company Limited  
April 1955  
January 1961  
JPY 614.508 million (≒USD 4,916.064)  
Sales line-up
Planning, Manufacturing, and Sales of Sushi Robots,
rice processing machinery/equipment, rice cooking systems,
sushi wrapping systems, display systems, and other products to assist in the preparation of sushi and other rice products.
Head Office
2-23-2, Toyotamakita, Nerima-ku,
Tokyo 176-0012, JAPAN
Ikuya Oneda